Radiant heated flooring in the bathroom took care of the cold

I recently got radiant floors installed into my lavatory. I needed to do something about it being so chilly there during the winter time weeks of the year. I found out about radiant floors from a neighbor of mine and decided to take an opening and invest in them. While these radiant floors work entirely well and have fixed the chilly problem in my bathroom, I would not want to have my whole home covered in radiant floors, then one room is good enough. You see, I like my carpeting! In order for the rest of the home to get radiant floors I would need to have all tile or all wood, but neither of those are my thing at all. Many people do not like tile or wood flooring and I am one of them. My central heating and air conditioner does just good heating the rest of my home. It was just that the bathroom had an issue because of the air flow from the lack of air vents in the bathroom area. Originally I was recommended to get heat and cooling system zone control! But getting a zoned heating and air conditioner just for a one room issue would be absurd and a waste of tons of cash, but radiant floors alone for the lavatory were costly, however they did not cost as much as a zoned heating and air conditioner unit would have, then plus, I am quite cheerful with my modern central heating and air conditioner otherwise.

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