Not sure if I can handle a modern thermostat

I’ve been looking into the latest option in thermostats.

Initially, I was shocked by the price.

I bought my last thermostat for around $10 from a local hardware store. The installation took me about 10 minutes. Today’s models cost several hundred dollars and are a lot more sophisticated. I doubt I’d be able to handle the installation on my own. They are available in all different shapes and include touchscreen displays. Some of them light up as you approach and provide the outside temperature and humidity level. Some of them respond to voice commands and allow the display to be customized to match the decor. There are models that learn a seven-day schedule for the household and make automatic adjustments. There is a feature called geofencing where the thermostat uses GPS to track family members’ cell phones. Whenever a family member enters or exits a set radius around the house, the thermostat recognizes their whereabouts and adjusts the temperature of the home accordingly. The thermostat even knows how long it takes to warm up or cool down the house to reach the desired setting. Features such as energy tracking, energy saving tips, filter change reminders and troubleshooting alerts are all designed to save money. I am a little worried that I won’t be able to figure out how to use the thermostat. I struggle to manage the television remote. My smartphone gives me plenty of trouble. I have this fear that the thermostat will decide to air condition my house in the middle of January, and I won’t be able to change it.


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