My sister is acting like a baby

My sister, who is a grown woman, is really acting like a big baby. She says that she refuses to come over to our house anymore this winter because we just keep it too cold inside. She says that she is just too fragile to be in our freezing cold house for very long. She says that she needs to be somewhere that is cozy and warm because of her fragile bone structure. Honestly, sometimes I can’t help but just roll my eyes at her. Some of the things that she says are so ridiculous that I can’t even believe that they even come out of her mouth. And really, most of the time, I can’t believe that we have the same parents. She is such a weirdo. I can’t believe that she basically refuses to come over and visit unless we set our thermostat settings at our own house to her specifications. I mean, can you really get more selfish than that? I can’t believe that she is the way that she is sometimes. I mean, I go over to her house in the summertime and I don’t ever demand that she turn down the air conditioning because the temperature in the house is too hot! I just feel like she should return the favor. But no, my sister has never been someone who will think of other people. It’s always me, me, me with her. It’s been that way ever since we were kids. Well, I’m not changing the heating settings for her, so she can just stay away from us.

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