My personal injury attorney was swift in reaching a desirable settlement to avoid a trial

One day while riding my bike home from school, I was hit by a car as I tried to get across a busy intersection. The traffic on both sides was stopped but the lights changed while I was in the middle of the intersection. I attempted to get through the rest of the crosswalk but a car hastily started from a standstill and rammed into my bike, throwing me into the pavement. It was a hard situation to walk away from because I had a tooth knocked out and another that was chipped. Clearly I was going to require a significant amount of oral surgery and the only way to move forward was by contacting an attorney. Although I was lucky to live in an upper middle class community with a number of different attorneys chasing every conceivable legal pursuit, we weren’t so sure where to start. The first personal injury attorneys that we spoke with weren’t particularly convincing about the success of the case until we received a personal referral from my mother’s family law attorney. This man knew a fantastic personal injury lawyer in a city two hours away from ours. He explained to us that there was a statute of limitations on the court case, but we were well within that window of time. After successfully litigating my personal injury case, he secured a settlement with the driver’s insurance company. In the end, he was a phenomenal personal injury attorney and will always get a recommendation from me if someone I know is looking for legal advice.

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