My buddy is a plumber

I suppose it will be undoubtedly slow this week on the beaches seeing as it is still January as well as it’s Tuesday on top of that.

On the weekends all of us have quite a bit of tourists visiting during the week it is quite slow here. I like how it cycles from tied up on the weekends to slow on the weekdays. It gives me time to myself to just chill on the beach alone. I know I will do some writing for our Friday open mic show as well as come up with some new bits I can talk about on stage. I have a plumber associate who is getting into rest up comedy like me so I will have a buddy to task with sometimes. It’s superb to task in teams when you are writing or testing something out to make sure it is actually funny to them also, they call this a beta group. He does a lot of plumbing service calls while in the afternoons but his mornings are free so all of us will be doing some shows together soon. I’ve been doing comedy for 14 years and have changed our expectations from being large as well as famous to just doing comedy for the fun of it, that makes it all the more enjoyable to do. I had a plumbing repair task done a few weeks ago as well as may write about it because it was kind of a funny experience. My pet kept watching the guy work as well as one time it got out of the apartment when he went out as well as he spent an hour trying to catch it. It was a funny day.

plumbing repair

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