More than 25,000 condo fires as well as 300 deaths are caused by space furnaces every year. Also, some space furnaces emit carbon monoxide, which can be deadly, then using a space heating system simply to eliminate freezing spots in your condo is a large risk to your family. Why do so more than 2 people continue to do so? Because they are unaware of better alternatives. Check your registers, dampers, furnace filter, ducts, as well as see if your heat sources are congested before considering space heating system alternatives. Have you moved recently? If so, you may not realize that some dampers are closed, effectively preventing heat from flowing to that room. Make sure all heat registers are open. You might not need a space heating system after all! Likewise, make sure you do not block heat registers, radiators or tepid water baseboards with furniture that can obstruct airflow. Like fireplace flues, some air duct has dampers that can be opened as well as closed to adjust airflow. If you have dampers on your ducts, ensure the handle is set in the "winter" position as well as parallel to the duct line. When was the last time you changed your furnace filter? If you do not have your furnace diagnosed every year as well as are wondering what a furnace filter is, you may be able to hot up your chilly spots with this easy space heating system alternative. In tepid air forced heat, your furnace has a filter that removes dust as well as debris from the heated air so it won't damage your equipment. Clogged filters reduce airflow, which decreases heating. Particularly if you have an older method or a new furnace with old air duct, those ducts may have leaks or holes that prevent hot air from reaching particular rooms. It instead escapes into your walls as well as ceilings where it does not do anyone any good. One of the easyst alternatives to a space heating system is checking as well as repairing your ducts. The causes of furnace troubles can be prevented with correctly-scheduled cleaning as well as repair. If you haven’t done that yet, call in an Heating, Ventilation and A/C repair expert to keep your method in top shape, banish those freezing spots, as well as eliminate the need for space heating system alternatives.

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