Maintenance provides peace of mind

I live in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by woods.

The closest house is over twenty-five miles away. I appreciate the peace, quiet and privacy. I get squirrels, groundhogs, rabbits, turkey, deer and foxes in my backyard. The weather is a challenge. The winters are especially difficult. I typically need to start up the furnace by late September. By Halloween, there is several inches of snow accumulated on the ground. The temperature regularly drops below freezing and even below zero for months at a time. A reliably working heating system is a necessity. I can’t get along without it. Living on a dirty road, my house sometimes becomes inaccessible during winter blizzards. I need to make sure that my furnace doesn’t break down and leave me without heat. I could take several days or weeks before a repairman could get to me to provide a repair. I do everything I can to make sure the furnace is running properly before the cold weather arrives. I have signed up for a maintenance program with the closest HVAC company. They send a technician to the house in early fall to service the heating unit. A thorough inspection reveals any worn or broken parts. A comprehensive cleaning, tightening of wires and lubrication of moving parts ensures maximum airflow and efficiency. The technician also verifies proper operation of the thermostat and provides me with a supply of air filters. The annual service gives me peace of mind. I know my heating system will keep my home comfortable during the worst weather without any problems.

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