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Today is a big day for me because I am finally getting caught up on our taxes.

I fell into bankruptcy as well as all kinds of financial trouble back in 2008 when the financial world went down.

That is when I decided to move to NYC as well as pursue comedy full time. I made no cash doing comedy so I stopped filing returns for 13 years but now I have a respected income as well as can start filing again as well as paying some taxes. I barely make enough still but I would like to get squared away with the IRS. Also, living overseas changed things too. Today I have a complication with our hot water gas furnace as well as need to call a plumber because I have no clue what is causing the issue. At least I don’t need to spend our savings for it because I am just renting the flat here so it feels kind of nice not needing to worry about the cost of it. I have a tankless sizzling water gas furnace as well as need someone superb at servicing that genre of model since it is something I haven’t come across when repairing this style of problem. I have simplified our life for this reason alone; I was sleepy and consistently trying to keep up with all of the service necessary when owning a home, i still have no money saved but at least I don’t need to get sad when calling a plumbing repair nowadays. I am happy to not have any debt anymore as well as our bills are undoubtedly few as well as I’ve streamlined the payment process of each of them.

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