Improve Office Comfort

Summer heat and humidity may be too much for your air conditioning system, primarily if it hasn’t been regularly maintained.

  • When your air conditioning system is not functioning properly, it may constantly be running due to a frozen evaporator coil, dirty coils, clogged filters, leaking refrigerant, faulty controls, blower fan, motor issues, or because it’s sized wrong.

Your air conditioner may run continuously without shutting off when the thermostat reaches the set temperature because of all of these problems. That’s why your cold office has everyone wearing sweaters. Check your HVAC system with a professional to determine the cause of the problem. Cold offices are often caused by airflow issues when obstructing your ventilation system. Rodents or faulty installation may have caused cracks or holes in the ducts. A buildup of dust and debris in the ducts can also cause the problem. An HVAC professional should inspect them.

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