If You Are Renovating, Get a New HVAC System

You might feel both anxious and excited about a major renovation project in your building.

The new space will enhance your business and make life easier. However, there are so many details to consider that you may feel overwhelmed. You probably never expected to need a new HVAC system. If you’re not changing the space’s footprint and square footage, you may wonder why you need to replace your HVAC system. You need more than just square footage to determine your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs. As your layout, usage, occupancy or even the materials used to construct your space change, so does your HVAC system design. Your ventilation system consists of air ducts that distribute heated and cooled air throughout your building based on your current layout. Change the way air flows through the building by moving walls, windows, doors, or even cubicle partitions. If you don’t update your ventilation system to accommodate layout changes, you’ll end up with hot and cold spots. Perhaps you are renovating to accommodate new activities and uses. Yoga studios have different heating and cooling requirements than offices or retail stores; a boutique filled with clothing racks has different requirements than an open exercise space. Chances are, your renovations aren’t just for aesthetic reasons. It’s probably to grow your business. If you renovate a restaurant dining room to accommodate more customers, you’ll increase its occupancy. The more people occupy a space, the hotter it gets. So your dining room will need less heating in the winter and more cooling in the summer. Make sure your new HVAC system can handle these changes. Hire a qualified HVAC professional to assess your plans and recommend changes to your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems before you start construction. Perhaps it’s just a matter of moving ducts, or maybe you’ll need a new HVAC system.

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