I might have to have a gate built around the heat pump

Having a heat pump in the backyard to act as the furnace for my house is great, but maintaining it is another thing.

The service of the heat pump would not be so poor if it was not for these darn squirrels that keep digging it up! Every single time this happens I have to make a phone call to the local heating and air conditioning supplier to send out one of their certified heat and air conditioning specialists to come and remount the geothermal heat pump into the ground, and this costs me a pretty penny every time! I almost want to shoot the squirrels.

But I could not do that because it is not their fault really. They do not believe what they are doing! So the solution that the heating and air conditioning supplier came up with was for me to go and have a gate built around the geothermal heat pump. But not just any gate. A gate that would be so smooth surfaced that the squirrels would not be able to climb it and even mess with my geothermal heat pump. This construction was going to also cost me a pretty penny, but in the long run it is going to save me money because I will no longer have to be calling the local heating and air conditioning supplier to come out and remount the heat pump every few weeks! I must have spent close to a thousand dollars in the last 2 weeks just because of these darn squirrels and their desire to dig up my geothermal heat pump! I wish I could send them the bills.


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