I love riding my bike for a workout

I shift to a higher gear & try to pedal as fast as possible to elevate the intensity of the workout

I am so happy that I get to work from home. I can complete my job from any location that provides internet access. My husband recently retired. He & I were anxious to finally head south. We were tired of sub zero conditions, non stop snow, ice, hail & the year round nasty weather. I workout every day & was forced to exercise inside most of the time. I didn’t bother with a gym membership due to the risk of icy roads and blizzard conditions. I was always delighted when I could finally go for a run or a bike ride outside. My husband and I moved to a location where the climate accommodates an outdoor workout for most of the year. I immediately bought myself a bicycle. I set it up with a wire basket on the handlebars and a holster for my phone. I also added a holder for my water bottle. I invested into a cordless speaker that allows me to play music while I ride. The seat is comfy & the basket plenty big enough to carry a sweat towel, jump rope & whatever I might need. There is a paved bike path near my house that winds through the woods. When I ride, I look for different kinds of birds, turtles, squirrels & even snakes. The path runs for over eighty miles in each direction. I like to ride my bike to an athletic field. The ride takes about 25 minutes each way. I use the paved areas to warm up, run sprints & complete various lunges, squats & jumps. I exercise at the field for about 30 to 40 minutes before heading back home. I shift to a higher gear & try to pedal as fast as possible to elevate the intensity of the workout. It’s a really beneficial workout but I love every minute of it. I look forward to the sunshine on my skin, breathing fresh air & the chance to be outside.

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