I called a commercial fencing company to fix the walls and gates around my lumber yard

Living up north in the woodlands is a life that many cannot handle.

I tried dating in college but no one could cope with the isolation whenever I brought a potential partner to my parent’s house to meet the family.

We’re also people of the land who farm and hunt to eat, while logging trees by trade. I decided to start my own company in the nearest town. My personal business is a lumber yard for contractors in a metropolitan city just 30 minutes down the road. The best thing I can do to stay afloat is offer prices that the lumber yards in the city cannot afford to match. I don’t have rent payments for the building or the land as I own it and the lot next door. However, I have needed to take some money recently to make improvements to my lumber yard. I called a commercial fencing company to get quotes on fixing the walls and gates that protect my lumber yard from thieves and bandits. It wasn’t cheap getting new gates and walls for my lumber yard, but it’s money well spent if it protects the entire property. I can always use the money spent on upgrading the walls and gates and record it as a tax write-off like I do with any other business expense. It’s hard sometimes running a business out in the countryside, but it’s definitely better than being in the city and surrounded by noise 24 hours a day. Even if I had steadier business on a day by day basis, I’d much rather be out here on my own property without constant worries about neighbors and city codes.

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