Husband manages air conditioner maintenance

The outside weather warmed up toward the end of March.

  • When I started the air conditioner for the first time, I had some concerns.

The air flowing from the vents had a musty odor. I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of air it was providing. There seemed to be quite a bit of dust floating around. It was making a lot more noise than normal. I assumed that these issues were due to a buildup of contaminants within the system. The cooling unit hadn’t been used since the previous August. Dust, dander, pollen and even mold and algae growth were probably restricting and contaminating airflow. I knew the cooling coil, condensate drain and all of the components needed a good cleaning. The wires probably needed tightening and the moving parts lubricated. These problems could most likely be solved by scheduling maintenance with a certified HVAC contractor. Licensed technicians have the specialized tools, training and experience to take the air conditioner apart and handle the necessary service. Professional maintenance typically only takes a couple of hours. When I called to schedule upkeep for the air conditioner, I discovered that my usual contractor had gone out of business. I planned to search around for a new technician, but my husband insisted he could manage the jog. Because my husband isn’t overly skilled with repairs or home improvement projects, I was a bit worried about him causing damage to the air conditioner. He googled the various steps of air conditioner maintenance and followed them exactly. While it took him the majority of the day, he got the cooling system put back together and it seemed to be running perfectly.


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