Glad the two of us got a smart control unit

When my hubby suggested getting a smart control unit, I figured I wouldn’t use it.

I am not the most technologically savvy person out there, and any current tech item takes myself and others a while to figure out.

I also don’t have firm opinions on what the HVAC equipment should be set to. My hubby listed all the features a smart control component had. I didn’t suppose any were for me. After he installed the control component I realized how often I use it. My preferred feature is that when I walk by, the smart control component lights up. It tells myself and others the temperature outside currently, what it is mid afternoon and what it will be at night. If I linger near it, it tells myself and others the indoor temperature. I never realized how curious I was about indoor and outdoor hot and cold temperatures. I could check everything on my phone, although I chose to stop by my control unit. I use that feature to decide when I work out, if I want to work outside or plan my afternoon. I don’t change the heating and cooling settings. I will say I do prefer late at night increasing the control component from my bed. There have been a few times where I was so cold. It was nice picking up my phone, turning on the oil furnace and then going to sleep. I didn’t absolutely wake myself up or inconvenience myself. I now see why more and more people are going with a smart control unit. It is convenient, pretty and it does save a lot of energy. The control component knows when the two of us are in the house or not.

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