Cutting Costs

Even modern HVAC systems can consume as much as 30 percent of a building’s energy.

How can you get them to consume even less energy to reduce your operations expenses? You can control your HVAC system based on real-time demand.

If you’re looking for ways to trim costs, your HVAC system can be a good place to start. You can significantly reduce your facility’s energy expenses by using three components of modern HVAC systems. With VAV boxes or terminal units, your office space can be more comfortable while consuming less energy. Older systems simply pump the entire volume of conditioned air into your home. Modern HVAC systems incorporate VAV boxes, which use controlled dampers to vary air supply to control the temperature within a specific area. Considering underfloor air distribution for new construction is another way to provide customized comfort while reducing costs. Modern HVAC systems use this distribution method to distribute conditioned air under a raised floor instead of overhead ducts. In some cases, fan-powered terminal units and ducts may also be used under the floor. Diffusers in the floor deliver the air to the occupied space. Lighting sensors may be familiar to you if you have been looking for ways to save energy in your facility. Using electronic sensors, these systems detect the presence of people in a room and turn the lights on and off according to when the space is occupied. With today’s building automation technology and modern HVAC systems, these lighting sensors can be integrated with the HVAC system to control heating and cooling based on actual occupancy and lighting. To get the most out of a modern HVAC system, even brand new systems need to be properly maintained from the start.

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