Common Issues in a Cold Office

Before you know it, half the office will be out sick.

If everybody’s annoyed about your cold office, chances are you’re hearing a lot of under-the-breath grumbling and comments about working in a meat locker. You should know that putting up with a little grumbling is the least of your problems. When your employees are uncomfortable, it costs you in all kinds of ways. It may seem like just an inconvenience, but a cold office, store, or restaurant can impact your bottom line before you know it. Complaints about office temperature fluctuations are the most common grievance expressed by office workers. When people are uncomfortable and stuck in a cold office, they are distracted from their duties, leading to increased mistakes and declines in productivity. Since office temperature fluctuations are so noticeable, you may not realize that humidity issues frequently accompany the problem. When the air in your office is too humid, it can lead to dangerous mold growth and the spread of airborne contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and other nasty microorganisms that cause illness. Before you know it, half the office will be out sick. If your business relies on repeat customers, such as a restaurant or retail establishment, the comfort level of your space can make or break your business. Nobody wants to sit and relax with friends in a sweltering cafe or try clothing in an icy boutique. And when those disappointed customers share their experience on social media, your reputation and profits will suffer.
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