Abs are just too much work

If I want to have any sort of ab I really need to dedicate myself. I have to crunch every single day for at least ten minutes. I also need to rotate what type of ab work I do. I need to target both lower and upper abs. I need to hold in a hollow position and in a plank position. I need to bicycle my legs, twist my upper body and do a basic crunch. I make myself crunch to the point where my belly hurts. I then can’t slack about what I eat. Half of getting abs is targeting what you eat. If I want my belly to look good I can’t eat carbs everyday. That means no more bread, pasta, rice or anything that makes me bloat. I also have to cut out sugar entirely. Sugar is my weakness and if I let myself even start on it, I go off the bandwagon. Basically my entire life is miserable if I desire to have abs. The sad part is that I don’t even get a six pack with this type of dedication. I have the swimmer V and a defined stomach. You can’t exactly count my abs though. It just looks better in a swimsuit. For the beach season I take the time and put in the effort. I want to look good in a bikini. Once it starts to cool down I begin eating, cheese, bread and dessert again. I also don’t even crunch for a second when I don’t have to. My stomach doesn’t even look that bad either. All that work is so easy to lose as well.



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