This new HVAC company was horrible

When it comes to Heating and Cooling machine workers, I have always been undoubtedly happy with the service that I have gained when I would schedule whatever type of heating and cooling tune-up.

The appointments could be for anything to be perfectly honest, a repair, a replacement, or maybe just some tune-ups.

Both of us undoubtedly did not truly know too much of having a modern HVAC professional come over to service the heating AC machine considering that the Heating and A/C machine professional that we normally go with had chosen to raise their prices by 10%. Both of us were looking to save money and this heating AC machine company had undoubtedly nice reviews and so we made the move to give them a try. Boy what a miserable mistake that was… When the heating and AC machine worker arrived at our beach residence to perform the tune-ups, he acted unprofessional and did not even do anything to our Heating and A/C machine! He first just let himself into our house because we left the door unlocked. Then, he pulled some food from our fridge! Then when he finally did get done eating his food and enjoying TV on our couch he went over to our Heating and A/C machine, looked at it some, before telling us he had really no idea how to service it and then he simply left! As I was witnessing all this my jaw was close to hitting the floor. I honestly couldn’t believe the guy. I mean who does this!? I called the local heating and A/C machine company and complained and they told me they would send out a different HVAC person. Believe it or not, the other person wasn’t much better. While he was no amazing professional, he did make his way straight to working on our heating and AC machine. He admitted that he had made some sort of mistake and might have messed it up. That was the last time we chose to go with this heating and AC machine business.

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