The HVAC was in the bathroom?

When my fiance and I first bought our household, the two of us could not stop talking about all the plans that the two of us had for it.

We were recently engaged after 5 years of dating and the two of us were already talking about our plans for starting the family.

We did not have the desire to wait, the two of us have been talking for the past 3 years about how the two of us wanted to start a family together and now that the two of us were about to be married the two of us were ready to do exactly that. Having our first home was setting the foundation for our future. We were going through the household and looking at the walls and deciding where the two of us would hang all of our pictures, where the two of us would locate the furniture, and the two of us discussed the perfect site to set our indoor whole-house air purifier… It wasn’t until the two of us got into the bathroom that the two of us noticed the more bizarre thing, the heating and AC device was installed in the bathroom! We were absolutely stunned by what had happened. Who would have installed a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C device in the bathroom? When the two of us talked to the realtor the two of us had bought the household from, she informed us that apparently the previous owners had some really odd habits, and she mentioned that the wife had wanted to have the perfect AC device even in the bathroom. Apparently it helped her relax while she was doing her business. That would explain the 3 foot high HVAC vents attached on both sides of the wall directly next to the toilet… My fiance and I were both really weirded out when the two of us found out about this information. As a matter of fact the entire layout of the lake household was generally strange. We decided that the two of us would do some renovations and remodeling to make the lake household more normal. Despite the strangeness the two of us were still really glad to have our home.



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