The A/C worker was great at convincing up to upgrade

For a little while, I felt like we were being strung along by my HVAC professional.

He was typically convincing us to replace it with something better, the last HVAC plan we had was only 10 years old and he convinced us to go for a ductless HVAC system.

I mean, the ductless isn’t awful at all, we have been saving a lot of money in energy bills, truthfully we could have let the last HVAC plan run until it was no longer repairable. I thought we could have gotten another 5 years at least! But the HVAC professional made the newer HVAC plan sound so amazing. He was talking about the HVAC zone control and the built-in air purification. Those things are pretty nice I have to admit, it wasn’t necessary to go for this genre of HVAC plan so soon. Then after that, the guy managed to talk us into getting a few portable UV air cleaners for around the house. The UV light kills the harmful pathogens in the lake home plus the UV air cleaners all of us have use HEPA filters. These UV air cleaners were quite luxurious and I almost feel like the HVAC professional was laughing on his way to the bank since all of us already had air purification in our home. I don’t actually know, I do think these are great HVAC components to have, we don’t have to spend all our money so abruptly on different HVAC components. I told my husband that next time he comes over for HVAC maintenance, we can’t let him sell us anything.

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