Nobody can have full control over the temperature control

Hell had frozen over

I am not a fan of saying it, but I have constantly considered my relationship with my lady in addition to I to be a volatile type. I truly did not realize it at the time however she was severely controlling. One of the things she did that I absolutely hated was that she was the master of the temperature control. Nobody but her could adjust the temperature control. She easily didn’t care how hot, how cold, or how annoyed you were. She had to have her temperature preferences in addition to her temperature preferences no matter what. It got so disappointing that she even installed a cage around the temperature control. This cage had a huge metal lock on it that only she had the key in addition to passcode for. It was absolutely stunning. She would have to have the temperatures hot. I theorize now this is because she must have ventured here from hell. She would have the uneven temperatures at 98 all the time. I’m sure you can imagine what our heating in addition to A/C equipment bills look like. I tried to remedy the situation by suggesting that possibly we could get a zone control Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C system. This will definitely permit us to control the temps individually in zones in addition to that way we both could have what we wished for. She was brutally annoyed that I even suggested this solution in addition to simply told me that if I couldn’t handle her uneven temperatures I couldn’t have her, in addition to that I didn’t deserve her in the least. None of my pals actually liked her, in addition to were basically saying I needed to get away from her in no time. One afternoon I was super sick of her crazy behavior and I took an electric screwdriver in addition to decided to unscrew the cage that was connected to the temperature control. Then I lowered the A/C settings to icy cold air and enjoyed the A/C from the air vents. Hell had frozen over. I left the A/C working and got out of there. I have not spoken to her since and I never will.

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