My mother was being stubborn about the HVAC maintenance

I have to say, my mother can be pretty stubborn at times.

When my father passed away, everything changed for her. He used to take care of all the HVAC system maintenance, and suddenly she wasn’t having anything done. They never went through the professionals because Dad always knew what he was doing, even though he was not a certified professional. Well, since he never believed in getting the HVAC maintenance done by the professionals, my mother believed it was an unnecessary expense. I tried to explain to her on numerous occasions that the HVAC maintenance had to be done. She wasn’t even changing the air filters though, so I went there and started changing the air filters for her. When I kept bringing up the topic about her calling up the HVAC experts to provide tune-ups for her HVAC, she said that I could take care of that for her. Well, I am not an HVAC expert and I told her that. I didn’t even know the first thing about completing a tune-up for the HVAC equipment. Eventually, I had to insist when the air quality was becoming poor in her home. I thought the HVAC system was going to put her in the grave early, and I was scared even thinking about that possibility. I told her I would cover all the costs, so she didn’t have to worry. By the time the HVAC professional finished with the tune-up and ductwork cleaning, the air quality in the home became considerably better, and it seems my mother is doing better now.


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