My home office was feeling cold so I bought a portable heater

It was nice being able to start working in my home office full-time, but there were some issues.

My office was on the far side of the house where the insulation wasn’t so great.

This made it so the temperatures were always uneven on that part of the house and the office was pretty uncomfortable because of this. I ended up working on adding extra insulation in the walls and in the attic space above my office. This actually helped a great deal in keeping my office toasty while I was working. But still, it wasn’t quite enough, so I decided to use a portable heater in my office. I love the little portable heater I have because I can adjust the temperature control settings exactly where I want them instead of just having a high and low setting. Those types of heaters have always been bothersome because even on the low setting, they can start to make a room feel overheated. That means you have to shut them off instead of just lowering the temperature control setting. Later on, I decided to have an HVAC professional come out and he said that he thought it wasn’t warm enough in my office because the ductwork seemed to be clogged up. This was something that I never thought of and he talked about doing a ductwork cleaning for me. I was quick to agree to the HVAC service and then he took out the heavy duty vacuuming tools. When the ductwork was cleaned all around the house, suddenly the heating was much more robust in my office area. I didn’t even have to use the portable heater any longer.
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