My dad has a birthday coming up

My dad has a birthday coming up and I have been thinking about what I want to get him as a gift.

My dad is really hard to buy for when it comes to birthday gifts or Christmas presents.

He always goes out to get whatever he wants for himself most of the time, but I got lucky this year because he hasn’t had time to replace his thermostat system himself. His thermostat stopped working a few weeks ago, right when the weather started cooling down for the winter. So he has been without a thermostat unit for literally almost three weeks now! Luckily for me, though, he hasn’t had the time to replace it. He’s been really busy with work and he was also traveling for about a week and a half during that time period. So it’s been kind of unfortunate for him, but it was a great turn of events for me! This was the first time in history that I can remember when I knew that I would be getting him something for his birthday that he would actually like and use. I called up his HVAC company and hired them to bring a brand new smart thermostat system over to my dad’s house while he was out of town. The HVAC technician installed it for me and it’s working like a dream now. Best of all, the smart thermostat will connect to my dad’s phone so that he can control the heating and cooling system from anywhere at all, even while he is out traveling. It’s going to be a really big surprise for him whenever he gets back from his trip and I am really excited to show him the new smart thermostat. I think that he is really going to love it.

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