My brother needs to start remembering his HVAC maintenance on his own

My brother for the most part is a good guy.

He takes good care of his family, he works, and he pays all his bills. The thing is, he has trouble getting around to his HVAC system maintenance. Over the years, I wasn’t sure if he was just that forgetful or if it was an added expense that he didn’t want to have to worry about too much. It was when I would come to visit, I would notice that his air quality was off or his HVAC system was struggling to some degree. I actually remember dealing with HVAC complications back when I didn’t get my regular HVAC system maintenance or change the air filters. Now I was seeing that my brother was going the same route and I thought he might not learn until he dealt with a serious HVAC breakdown. That’s how it happened to me. My cooling system broke down in the middle of the summer when it was extremely hot outside. It also became extremely hot in my home as I had to wait for an HVAC professional to show up which took about 3 days from my call. I was hoping that my brother didn’t have to deal with such a miserable situation, and there were my nieces and nephews to worry about as well. Fortunately, he did call the HVAC company when I would bring up the HVAC maintenance, so in a way, I have been my brother’s reminder to handle his HVAC maintenance so his system never breaks down. Eventually though, he’s going to need to do this without my friendly reminders.


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