Max forgot to tell us he planned a party.

My kid just turned fourteen, and he is already a social man.

Max has more friends than I have hair on our head, and they always seem to find a reason for a party every weekend.

This week, the party was held at our house. I really don’t mind having a dozen teenage men running around our home, but I do need to think they are coming. Last week, Max forgot to tell myself and others he was having his group over. I hadn’t been shopping in a couple of weeks because I was honestly working so much overtime. I barely had enough food to put together and make a single meal let alone having chips and finger food that would be okay for teenage men. On the way to school on Friday, Max told myself and others to remember the party, even though I was already heading out the front door. When I got condo at 7:30 that night, there were a group of boys staring and asking where all the food was. I asked them all what they were all hungry for. While they wrote down what they wanted, I was throwing together a quick grocery list. I knew the grocery store did local food deliveries until more than nine on the weekend. Most of our local fast food joints and pizzerias would do local food delivery up until 2AM. I put in a grocery order that would be here within an hour and then called two local pizzerias. I had tacos and pizza in the condo within the hour and it was all because of local food delivery services.

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