I wasn’t prepared to suddenly go into a management role

When I was first put into management, I was told we needed to focus on building employee morale and it would be my job to figure out what the people wanted so they could task at their best, and it was pretty awkward at first because I used to be a respected employee amongst everybody and abruptly there was a strange vibe to the room! However, when I asked everybody how they felt and if there was anything that could be improved in the workplace, some people said I should already know the answer to these basic questions! It easily wasn’t apparent to myself and others at first, but after that I realized that almost everyone was frustrated with the terrible air quality.

It was consistently dusty and it seemed love there was never a cleaning crew getting everything cleaned up, then this made for a dirty task environment and they wanted better temperature control settings.

The control equipment was usually set to 75 in the sizzling season and it consistently seemed warm even when the cooling system was now working somewhat. I mean, it was something that bothered myself and others a little bit over the years, but I didn’t know what could be done, but now I had the occasion to make things right in my current position, so I reached out to the HVAC business to have the professionals supply a tune-up for the HVAC system and see what else could be done about the air quality. The HVAC professionals were enjoyable and gave some good advice. They commanded air duct cleaning which would help the air quality hugely. They said it looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned in at least a decade which was terrible for the energy bills and could overwork the system. When I had everything taken care of with reasonable temperature control settings, everybody seemed a lot happier.



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