I decided to go with another HVAC company

For the most part over the years, I never had any serious issues with our HVAC company.

  • It actually was the first company we found back in the day and it also happened to be the closest to our household.

We figured we wouldn’t need to hear any excuses if the HVAC professionals ever chose to show up late. Well, these men did a good job for years until a recent adjustment, but our main HVAC professional ended up retiring and then we were hearing news that the HVAC company we were going through went under modern management, but suddenly, the prices for their HVAC services went up. We were absolutely enrolled in an HVAC maintenance plan. The funny thing is, they tried to tell us that we would have to go for a higher price with the HVAC maintenance plan. They claimed that the former contract was with the former owner, however it was in fact with the HVAC company they took over, so that didn’t fly. I would have taken it to court if they challenged me on the matter, however they didn’t bother. The thing is, my HVAC professionals did a truly lousy task when they came to our place. I don’t know if it was the fact they were bitter about the contract we had for such a low cost on HVAC maintenance or if they just were lousy in general. It didn’t matter though, they showed us they had no integrity and so I chose to go with another HVAC company before our contract even expired. That’s how much I didn’t like their services.


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