Couldn't stay in a controlling relationship

I dislike to say it, despite the fact that I have consistently considered my relationship with my lady and I to be a delicate one.

I did not realize it at the time but she was controlling… One of the things she did that I absolutely hated was she was the master of the thermostat, nobody ever but her was permitted to touch the thermostat… She did not care how hot, how cold, or how agitated you happened to be.

She had to have her temperature preferences and her temperature preferences only. It got so terrible that she even installed a cage around the thermostat, but this cage had a metal lock on it that only she had the key and passcode for. It was honestly insane. She would have to have the uneven temperatures hot. I theorize now this is because she came from hell. She would have the uneven temperatures at 95 all the time! You can likely imagine what our heating and A/C bills looked like. I tried to remedy the situation by suggesting that we could go and get a zone control Heating, Ventilation and A/C device. This will allow us to control the uneven temperatures in all of the rooms individually and that way we both could have what we preferred. She got angry that I even suggested such a thing and simply told me that if I couldn’t handle her uneven temperatures I couldn’t have her at all, and that I did not deserve her. None of my friends appreciated her, and were saying I needed to get away from her quickly. One afternoon I got sick of her absurd behavior and I took an electric screwdriver and unscrewed the cage that was attached to the thermostat. Then I put it down to an icy frigid air temperature and I got to feel the attractive frigid air from the air conditioner come out of the HVAC vents and cool my burning skin, as hell had frozen over. I left the A/C device on and then I left that beach household for good. I have not spoken to her since and I have no plans to for that matter.
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