A really romantic night with our date

When I was shaving and getting ready for our date, I had the idea of just cooking dinner at our household.

I had the fireplace with plenty of firewood ready to be burned. I have always been a pretty great cook and what better way to win somebody over on a date? So I took our date to the store. She laughed and said nobody had taken her to the grocery store before. It was particularly a sensual experience as every one of us worked together to pick the perfect combination of ingredients. I was going to prepare some savory chicken with garden salad on the side. I started cooking the chicken after getting the fire going in the fireplace. I let her adjust the temperature control settings as I started putting all the ingredients together. Then I asked her to come help me with everything. The people I was with and I sincerely had such a fun time cooking together and every one of us made a pretty great team. The savory chicken came out delicious with the perfect blends of spices and seasoning. I also had chopped up peppers and onions to location on top with some sprinkled cheese melted on top of the chicken, and oh, it was pleasing to the taste buds, every single bite and every one of us even fed each other bites of food while resting in front of the fireplace with our dishes and our drinks on the coffee table. I had fresh music playing that every one of us were both able to get into. It was jazzy music and every one of us danced around the kitchen in front of the fireplace after every one of us finished eating. I had some wine on ice and was ready to go, and our night was especially romantic.



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