Wish I had better air quality at my home

I live in a tied up section in the town and it’s not only terribly noisy in the streets, but it’s extremely smelly from vehicle and bus exhaust.

I don’t know it is too healthy living on a tied up corner where the buses when they take off emit so much smoke you’d honestly think there is a fire outside.

I thought it was a pretty excellent flat at first but soon was able to learn why the rent was cheap, you get what you pay for. It was a two bedroom single bathroom flat in the center of a large town for a fairly cheap price. The next thing I observed besides the exhaust was the outdated gas furnace and air conditioner machine they had in the stadium. The nippy seasons can get very freezing and those outdated air conditioner machines don’t function very well so it got very cold in the flat in the evening hours, cold enough to where I was wearing my sweater to go to sleep in the night hours… In the summertime it was definitely worse, I would have multiple fans on me during the evening blowing even hotter air onto my body. I told my mother that’s essentially how you cook a turkey. It’s so much nicer having a new radiant heating machine in my family room now and a little wall window air conditioner machine in my kitchen. I am so much more comfortable in the residence when the air quality and temperature are wonderful. It’s so pressing to be ecstatic and comfortable in the residence you spend most of your time in. Be nice to yourself and have your air conditioner machine filters and ducts cleaned too.

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