We met under strange circumstances, but it was fun

I work as a heating company technician but my fiance is actually in interior design. The two of us make a wonderful pair. The two of us have a house that is charmingly decorated plus the two of us also have a fully functioning system. We are on usually stressed sometimes when the two of us have to worry about the cabin heating. My fiance as well as myself have packed up a lunch. We even have notes that we leave for each other telling people how much we are happy and love one another. 1 time long ago, I had to meet with a client in a newly-built residential area. The client contacted several maintenance providers, because they wanted a heating worker to fix up the heat pump. The client complained because on even temperatures inside of the cabin we’re coming from the system that seem to be making a lot of noise. A senior heating expert wanted me to accompany that guy to the job and that is the place where I actually ended up meeting my wife. The people I was with in addition to myself were very happy being together. We often advocated for crucial energy saving tips to our customers. When the two of us arrived, our client even recommended that the butler show us a place where the interior designer was getting ready to work. The interior designer ended up being my fiance. I had a much better afternoon when I realized she was in the same house. While I was working on the furnace, my wife was walking around that house working on the decorating. The client was seriously amused because both of us ended up in her home at the same time.



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