So impressed with the smart thermostat

I love it when something lives up to the hype.

This isn’t a thing that I see all that often in our life.

The truth is that it’s honestly much more of the opposite really. Far more often, I deal with disappointment when stuff just isn’t what it was flaunted to be. So I have to come usual right now and say how amazing the smart thermostat ended up being. This is not at all what I thought I would be saying. For years, I’ve just sort of looked the other way on the smart thermostat. It truthfully was just more technology than I honestly wanted. The fact was that I had gone to the trouble of learning how to program the digital thermostat so didn’t see the need. Plus, I wasn’t honestly so sure about all the claims I’d heard and read about the smart thermostat. But once I absolutely experienced it, I walked away quite impressed. All of us rented a holiday home which had a smart thermostat. And it was incredible. The home wasn’t over cooled while the people I was with and I were in the heat of the afternoon but was consistently comfortable. There was never a time where I thought I needed to change the thermostat setting. But the people I was with and I had the override code if the people I was with and I wanted it. There was absolutely no need at all for that as the smart thermostat kept us all super comfortable. I wasn’t back home from holiday for 20 ninths before I called the Heating and A/C business and made and appointment to have a smart thermostat installed. And I am so romantic this thing. It’s amazing and it’s saving myself and others a bunch of money on Heating and A/C heating and cooling costs.

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