New dining room is private but needs Heating plus Air Conditioning

I can’t say as I blame my oldest at all for his plan.

What I’m just so amazed by is the fact that he really thought it through plus came with solutions. He didn’t just come to us with a request. That made it just that much easier to say yeah. My child wanted to convert the attic space to a dining room for him. The attic didn’t have any heating plus cooling but it was finished off with drywall. I believe the previous owner had the same method as my kid, but however, my child had a plan for the heating plus cooling. The child has had to deal with multiple sisters for a long time. He’s been crucial brother to all of them. Now that the women are getting older, they’re sort of taking over. Hence the method for the dining room. So my child came to us with his plan. He had run the numbers plus had about half the cost of a ductless heat pump in savings from his grass mowing venture. The child makes wonderful money plus is sought after in the village. Anway, the two of us could get the ductless heat pump installed. There were already electrical outlets up there plus he had a line on a rug to cover the floor. There wasn’t much that he needed from us other than help with the rest of the cost on the ductless heat pump. My wife plus I were sort of blown away by our son. This was such a adequate thing plus he was just so grown up about it. Of course, the two of us got the ductless heat pump plus the attic is now an awesome room for our boy. And no, the two of us didn’t tap his savings account for half the ductless heat pump.

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