My grandfather taught me so many things

I’ve been interested in how things are built ever since I was a little child.

I liked to tinker around with numerous things plus take them apart plus see if I was able to put them back together again.

It was my way of making a jigsaw puzzle out of anything. There were times when I wasn’t able to put things back together plus when it was something costly I would get into trouble. I took apart my Grandfather’s radio 1 day plus couldn’t get it back together right plus my gramps was highly disappointed. I ended up purchasing him a modern 1 years later. I even helped him install his own central heating appliance in the basement plus air conditioner appliance in the game room. We were a pretty fine team when the two of us worked together plus the two of us could do basically anything around the dwelling that needed repairs. He was a Heating plus A/C appliance repairman back in the day so he knew a good amount about air conditioner plus furnace repair. I was actually better at taking apart automobile engines plus putting them back together, I’m still a sizable fan of restoring seasoned cars plus motorcycles to this day. My Grandfather built his own hydronic plus radiant heating appliances for his garage so that when he was working on his automobile his hands wouldn’t become frosty. He was a pretty smart man plus taught me how to repair essentially anything that was mechanical. We repaired his oil furnace 1 Winter time plus then next hot season we worked on his hot water boiler that was seasoned plus quite rusty. I still thank him for all that he taught me through the years.




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