Movie night could have been a bust without the extra heat

The two of us enjoyed a tepid winter afternoon in addition to our family was enjoying a comedy movie.

The kids suggested the movie and it was a good one for a lazy Frosty day.

The both of us gathered near the resting room so we could watch the unbelievably funny motion picture. We had the electric heat pump running so the house was very warm. As we were watching The Comedy Motion Picture, the two of us started to hear a slow low clicking noise. My kid was complaining about the heat so I decided to look at the temperature on the device. Even though things appeared to be normal, it was clearly too warm inside of the house. The people I was with an addition to myself did not understand what the problem occurring could be doing. My wife in addition to myself decided to move the movie to our bedroom where we have radiant heated floors. Everyone spent the night in the bedroom and did not go out to the rest of the house until the next day. That’s when we contacted a heating service to come look at the heat pump. The people I was with an addition to myself contacted the location as well as stressed how important it was to have someone check our Zone control system. We actually had a blown fuse and this turned out to be the furnace repair issue. My hubby plus myself were easily glad that we certainly had the problems fixed before we watch the next movie night.


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