My Springtime dust sensitivities felt much better thanks to the new air cleaner

It was like breathing fresh air after such a long time

I guess many people like it when Wintertide is over! They no longer have to walk around with layers of clothes on! Plus, there was no more shoveling snow from the driveway every afternoon just to get to work. But, I’ve been dreading the end of Wintertide since I was small. Springtime meant the awakening of my dust sensitivities that I haddealt with all my life, then it was quite hard to go about my day, as well as at times I’d take my leave from work when the dust sensitivities got too severe; Last Springtime, but, I was in for a surprise. I have a wonderful boss, as well as she called myself and others into her office a single afternoon. I knew her kid also suffered from dust sensitivities, as well as she told myself and others they’d gotten a new air cleaner! After consulting with a new AC business in their area, my boss had agreed to test out an air cleaner they had. The AC business owner gave her a discount, as well as she got multiple, then one for her kid as well as the other a single for myself and others to try. Her kid was already feeling much better with the air purification all set up in their home. I was thankful to my boss for the thoughtful gift as well as managed to get an AC expert to come set it up. It was like breathing fresh air after such a long time. The device did wonders to the air quality in my home, as well as I knew my boss had fortunate me. The people I was with and I even had an air cleaner set up in our department at work, as well as life was better every Springtime after that.


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