Our son had plenty to learn when he moved out, but we always have his back

Our son decided to move into his own rental house when he went to college.

We told him that if there was anything that he needed, we would be there to help him. Well, the first thing he needed was help because he was freezing when it started to become cold outside. He tried to adjust the thermostat to heating, but the boiler system was not even working. I realized that he needed boiler repair and asked if he told the landlord about it. He did not and so I called the landlord up for him. The landlord apologized and said he had no idea that the boiler needed to be repaired. So the HVAC professional came out to handle the boiler repair and before long, my son was enjoying the heating system without having to use a portable heater. He thanked me for the help and I told him I just wanted him to be comfortable so he could focus on his studies and get himself into a successful career. I also told him that before the peak seasons, he needed to remember to always go for an HVAC tune-up. I told him he definitely didn’t want to go through another experience like not having the heating system working in the winter or the cooling system working in the hot season. I also told him to never forget to change the air filter for the cooling system when he was using that. He was changing the air filters when we got into the warm season, but he was using the cheapest kind he could find! I had to teach him about quality air filters and the MERV ratings he should be looking for.


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