I was proud of my son when he got his first job

My son was a little bit intimidated when I took him to go for his first job interview.

  • It was an office job so I figured he would be alright with how much he prefers comfortable temperature control settings and all.

This is the same kid who begged us to let him have a window A/C unit in his room when he was younger. He earned that window A/C unit by doing numerous chores like changing the air filter to the HVAC unit and helping me clean the outdoor condenser unit as well as other things around the house. I mentioned to him how nice this place seemed to be and he kind of shrugged. I could tell he was pretty nervous, but he looked good in his dress shirt and tie. He actually did pretty well in his interview and he told me all about how it went down. He said that he and the boss actually had a lot in common as they both enjoy cranked up A/C and everything and they talked about different kung fu movies they enjoy. My son has always been big into martial arts movies even though he never got into actual martial arts himself. The boss hired him in no time and he has been doing great work at this job. The thing that’s so good about this job opportunity is the fact that there is room to be promoted in the company. I told my son it’s all about getting your foot into the door and then working hard to move up the ladder. He always tells me how thankful he is for the job these days and he loves that his office has perfect temperature control settings and wonderful air quality.

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