I wanted to fix the house up so we could sell it & settle into a comfy little house

When all the little a singles finally moved out of the house, our wifey & I weren’t exactly sure what we should get into, but she just wanted to wash up the house real well but I was thinking that we didn’t necessarily need to keep the house, then it was a large beach house & the Heating & Air Conditioning was pretty old… The roof also needed to be replaced so I knew there was plenty of labor to be done.

Instead of paying roofers a small fortune to tear off the roof shingles & replace everything, I l earned how to do roofing labor from studying online videos.

I got a bunch of buddies to help me out. The labor wasn’t especially simple, but we were able to get everything done over the course of a few afternoons. I mean what can I say, I’m not a professional, but I have to say that we did a pretty awesome job. I’m just ecstatic that it’s not a honestly high roof because I wouldn’t want to labor up way too high… My fear of heights wasn’t exhausting though since our beach house was a single story arena & the roof wasn’t all deranged love some arenas… When we had that labor finished, I was motivated to do even more. Then I thought about the Heating & Air Conditioning system & wondered if we could install something love that. I did some digging & l earned about DIY ductless mini splits. I ordered a single of these Heating & Air Conditioning systems & we installed that. It was really easier to do than the roof replacement! Now I think we can focus on selling the beach house because it’s now worth a wonderful deal of currency. Then our wifey can settle into a comfortable little beach house with all the conveniences. I also want a fireplace.
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