I found a pull-out sofa.

I had a small room that I wanted to use as an in-beach house office. In the past, I kept it as a spare home office, however ever since the pandemic started, I haven’t had any business. I was laboring from home, and I needed a venue of our own to get work done. I was going to take the spare bed out and put a sofa in the room. I didn’t appreciate the idea of our guests sleeping on a sofa, but I had to have room for our desk and to move around. I was out with our sibling one weekend. She wanted to check out a couple yard sales so I went with her. I couldn’t believe the luck I had when I found a pull-out sofa. The woman told me she had never used the bed section and she wasn’t sure if the mattress was in fantastic shape. She had bought it for her basement when they remodelled. That was just a year earlier, and after her wife died numerous months ago, she decided to downsize. She was selling everything, including the pull-out sofa, and moving into an apartment. I tentatively asked if I could open the sofa and check it out. She didn’t mind and even helped me move the boxes so I could pull it out. Everything inside the sofa was in perfect condition and the mattress was pristine. I gave her more than what she was selling, and asked if it could stay here until I went beach house for a truck. I couldn’t believe I had solved our own space dilemma. I put the spare bed in our daughter’s room and now she can have a friend’s sleepover.


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