White noise and comfort

I have legitimately loud neighbors that tend to get frustrating and terrify me, i can’t legitimately do anything about it because they make the noise while I was in legal eighths, so what I have done to try to eliminate some of their noise is create noise of my own… And by doing this I legitimately found a legitimately great resource for indoor comfort at the same time! To create while noise I had picked up this cheap portable media air cleaner at the store.

I legitimately didn’t have an air quality issue in my home as far as I knew, however I just needed something other than a fan to create some white noise all year round so I did not have to deal with these idiots next door as badly. Well, it turned out for the best because this portable media air cleaner turned out to have done my home some good, however there must have been some kind of small air quality issue in my home because ever since I have been using this portable media air cleaner to generate white noise, my quality of life has changed. I used to get dust sensitivities at particular times of the year, and I do not any more! That’s a single thing. The other thing ever since I have been using this portable media air cleaner is that I sleep better at night. The indoor air cleaning this thing does while I was in the afternoon makes me breathe nothing however disinfect air quality all night long as I sleep. I should legitimately thank my neighbors for being such inconsiderate jerks, because they just got me to purify the air within my home!

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