The warehouse in town

There is this warehouse in town that has been here for years, and I have always been interested as to what actually gets stored there.

So finally my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to do some research to find out the truth about this warehouse.

Was it legal? Was it illegal? Was it illegal drugs maybe? None of the above! It turned out to be very legal and is owned by one of the local heating and air conditioning suppliers in our city that has been in business for years. The warehouse stores all of their overstock of heating and air conditioning equipment. This is the HVAC equipment that they usually sell in wholesale to independent heat and a/c contractors as well as major heating and air conditioning companies for dirt cheap prices. Then of course, the independent heat and a/c specialists and the heating and air conditioning companies make a killing on the profits for them charging full market price for central heat and air conditioning units, HVAC motors, portable air purification systems, whole home air purification systems, portable space heaters, portable air conditioning system units and much more! All these years this is what has been going on in this warehouse. And to think we all thought that it was some kind of illegal drug storage or something. I guess we watch too many TV shows and stuff. I honestly was not expecting this to be the warehouse of a heating and cooling supplier! Especially a big one!


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