The thing was burning hot

This trip was the longest I have ever had because I was just tossing plus turning

Road trips had typically been our thing from school mornings all the way through today. I preferred going by road, especially if I was not in a hurry. It would easily take me longer to arrive however the experience was to die for. I enjoyed making small talk the whole time with our fellow passengers plus I must say a lot of what I understand concerning unusual cultures around the world was acquired while I was on a long transit or bus ride. I remember 1 time I sat next to an ancient German folk who explained about the SS mornings. He had been a small child plus was lucky not to have been brainwashed. It is such stories told by those who experienced it first hand that I live for. What’s more, you know several times that bus rides are comfortable as long as you book the right 1. However, there is at least 1 time our experience was almost destroyed when I booked a bus with no working air conditioning. I had asked about this because I did not want to get into a stuffy, burning hot bus with several others. It turns out the bus service had lied about it. When I finally asked the driver at our next stop, he said that the management had been postponing the professional maintenance of the AC for several months now plus there was nothing he could do for us now. This trip was the longest I have ever had because I was just tossing plus turning. I could not even listen to the stories I enjoyed. Opening windows on the bus did not help matters either as it only gave temporary relief. I was ecstatic to alight at our final endpoint plus made sure to leave a setback review on the bus contractor’s media page.



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