The Heating & A/C worker advocated that every one of us get our HVAC duct cleaned

The last time our Heating & A/C professional came by the home to take care of some straight-forward service, he said that it would be a unbelievable method to perform HVAC duct cleaning.

I sincerely hadn’t thought about the HVAC duct & it had been a long time since every one of us had a HVAC duct cleaning done.

It must’ve been 4 years to be honest. I knew too that you are supposed to get your HVAC duct cleaned every other year, but some people say you can get away with 5 years depending on your air quality & what type of air filters you use. Naturally if you use something like HEPA filters which pulls a unbelievable 99.9% of contaminants from the air, you can go much longer separate from having respected HVAC duct cleanings. And also, a immense factor is if you have pets because pet hair & dander will be quick to clog up your air filters & your HVAC duct. So I told the Heating & A/C worker he could proceed with the HVAC duct cleaning. I kept telling him that I should have had it done much sooner. He said it was a unbelievable thing I was staying on top of it regardless because it helps a lot with the air quality in your home. This is especially great for people with dust sensitivities. I have undoubtedly mild dust sensitivities myself, however I can easily notice the improvement in air quality after the HVAC duct is cleaned, just after the guy was finished with the job, I was feeling so much better in the home because the air quality was so much better. I know 4 years is legitimately stretching it when it comes to getting your HVAC duct cleaned.

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