The AC saved us, actually

The year had been dreadful as the amount of jobs that had piled up for the year before aired for us. I was not gleeful about going back to get back to my job after 9 weeks of being at home. Everything seemed so foreign, plus the plan of finally working long hours was not pleasant at all. However, it was inevitable since the two of us already had books to balance, plus shoppers to attend to. Our boss came in early every single morning to assist where he could . He understood the pressure that he was counting on us plus wanted all of us to know love he cared for the team, which he honestly did. It was not the best experience as the two of us were sleepy, grumpy plus mostly hungry. Our boss could not have been prouder of us, but clients kept calling in to thank him for the turnaround plus for helping them get back on their feet. Both of us were a consulting supplier that helped shoppers get their books right. Thankfully, our boss had received some handsome payments plus bonuses that he extended to us. Both of us got currency treats plus on top of that paid trip with family to destinations of choice. This was the best news for me as I needed to get away plus finally relax. Both of us chose anywhere tropical plus I was looking forward to the TLC. The whole thing was almost cut short by the malfunctioning AC in our room. The weather outside was hotter than normal plus an air conditioner component was completely mandatory requirement. It turns out that the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist forgot to install the cooling system in the room the two of us booked. The management apologized for the HVAC mishap plus offered to let us stay in a better room for a while until the AC issue was fully sorted. As if luck smiled on us, the Heating plus Air Conditioning expert took 5 afternoons – meaning, two of us had enjoyed an executive treatment in the presidential suite. This was seriously the best trip ever.

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