Should I use a washable filter or a disposable 1

I have been having a lot of trouble with my Heating & A/C method for a while now. I knew that I should schedule an inspection or a tune-up for the method but I had been tied up all week. My indoor comfort was dropping with each day, I could know that the air quality was getting so much worse. The air felt heavy and smelly. At some point, the Heating & A/C machine completely stopped actually working. I finally set a weekend visit from the service tech. By now the cooling method was not even cooling, it was blowing sizzling hot air which made the indoor comfort reduce drastically. The cooling tech came and examined the system, everything seemed to be superb apart from the fact that my entire machine needed to be thoroughly cleaned. There were all sorts of debris trapped in the gas and oil furnace filter and also inside the residential Heating & A/C. The team of experts started the arduous duct cleaning process. They collected so much dirt from the air ducts and to do this they had to redo some of the parts of the air duct. I had just cleaned the washable filter a while before however it got dirty so fast. The service tech suggested that a disposable 1 was far better especially if it was a HEPA filter. This type of filter would trap even the smallest dust particles and this would ensure that the quality of air inside my lake house remained high. For air purification help the service tech suggested that I have the filter changed at least every 30 to 60 afternoons; The tech suggested me to purchase the filters from a commercial Heating & A/C provider. The tech also illustrated how to update the machine so that I would not need to call the experts whenever I needed to have it updated.


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