My wife didn’t want me to be working on our HVAC system

When our HVAC system was having a hard time recently, I told my wife that I could fix it.

  • I had been watching various online repair videos and I was pretty sure I could get our HVAC system working up to speed.

Well, my wife was totally against me and said that there was no way I could do this work having no experience. She even looked up online to see the negative sides of working on your own HVAC system. She ended up telling me that I would void the warranty on our HVAC equipment and I would likely end up making the work cost a lot more because I wouldn’t be successful. I thought she was wrong, but she got me with the warranty thing. I didn’t want a voided warranty and I reluctantly called the HVAC company. The funny thing is, the HVAC technician who came over said the issue wasn’t very difficult. He even joked that I probably could have repaired the HVAC system on my own and I would have been fine. I asked him about the warranty and he said as long as the work was done properly by somebody who knew what they were doing, the warranty would likely not come into question. I thought this was all crazy, but at least the repair for the HVAC system wasn’t as much as I expected. I mean if I did replace the parts on my own, it obviously would have been cheaper but my wife really got into my head about voiding the warranty.


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