Mom does the best she can

It is never easy for adolescents to witness their aging parents separating after years of peaceful living.

Hoover, the inevitable happens, plus sadly for most people, the adolescents get to pay for what they have no system about.

Such was the case, at least, with my siblings plus me after my mother plus father separated about thirty years ago. As dear old dad failed to prove his competence, Mum was given custody of the adolescents. She rented a small 1-study roomed house plus had to job 3 jobs to make ends meet. I know the sleeping arrangement was tight, the two of us were glad to have a roof over our heads. My siblings slept with mum in the study room, plus my brother plus I shared the couches. Both of us were comfortable most of the time unless the AC began to randomly act up. There were afternoons when the Heating plus Air Conditioning system would literally refuse to behave, plus nothing could be done. Both of us reported the situation to the uncaring landlord, even though he would rudely ask us to leave if the two of us felt highly uncomfortable. He was taking over the problem, plus the two of us could do nothing. This was the only place close to dear old mom’s job that the two of us could afford at the time. I would improvise portable fans for a while to help us get comfortable until when the landlord decided to repair the failed Heating plus Air Conditioning unit. I have since slowly managed to make my family comfortable over time, thanks to my instructors’ university jobs; Very soon, the lot of us shall transfer into our own home.


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